The Floriditas contribution to society

The odd leaf is starting its annual spin to the ground but the heat is still a contender.  As we have been on a Papa kick lately the concoctions that either helped him hang on or slide off (depending on ones viewpoint) have made themselves available from lunchtime on. Of this I mean the daiquiri and not the day glo sickeningly sweet form that I’m sure is omnipresent at loathsome couples type resorts.

We are talking a man’s drink here.  Served in Havanas Floridita to the man himself and riffed on in so many ways since.  Basic ingredients but incredibly refreshing- and no, you don’t need a blender.

Errol Flynn & Ernest
Holding court with Spencer Tracy to the left
from the new Floridita

This is the official Imperial Black version

Begin with 2 oz light rum and add to a shaker

Grab the freshest lime you can and squeeze an ounce out of it

(about half an average size lime)

Add this to the rum

follow with 2/3 oz simple sugar syrup (Papa was diabetic and left this bit out)

Then add 1/4 oz maraschino liqueur (If not into cherries omit and enjoy your lime)

Fill the balance of the shaker with chipped ice (towel + 5 cubes + hammer)

Shake like mad until a nice frost forms on the outside

Pour without straining into a chilled glass (Martini glasses good as are highball glasses)

Drink in a purposeful manner until finished.  Have another before you slow it down.

Makes you almost feel as if you are across the Florida straits listening to Fidel’s brother on the radio and planning something.


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