When we were younger our friend A.R. decided he had reached his limit of Wyoming winters. He met an Argentinian girl, left us holding our climbing gear, and moved south to fish for large Browns and embide in the local wines. That was fifteen years ago and I’m not sure that he has left the family estancia since. Strange that he would leave an area of Wyoming for almost it’s exact equivalent in Argentina but there was a woman and wine involved (not to mention big fish) so who are we to question his judgement?  Argentina’s windswept Pampas are a starkly beautiful proposition. There is that stunning openness and clarity to the air. The wind that moves sideways, shaping the lone stands of Eucalyptus before careening onwards to the rattling gates of the areas estancias.


It is to this landscape that we come to clear our head, to nestle in these outposts and little palaces of European colonial style.  By day we become horsemen or practice mending our casts as the wind carries fly lines sideways.  At lunch there is a splendid regional wine with our asados (asado de tira- crosscut ribs being a favorite).  In the evening there is always a fire, more wine, and food accompanied by local music.  Later, we drive the long bumpy road in the Rover to a neighboring estancia and are greeted by dogs.  They lead us to the old tack building were a raucous game of dominoes is the centre of festivities.  The farm’s gauchos are finished for the day and eager to share both wine and gossip whilst making us pay for our poor domino strategy.   

The richness of the gauchos heritage and their dwindling way of life is not lost on us.  Their history, customs, and absolute attention to detail inspire us and literally have us trying to buy the shirt off everyones back.  These gents know a thing or two about just the right handmade accessory.



Young and old share a pride of place when it comes to their chosen way of life.  The individual pieces of their dress are often storied, handmade, and beautifuly worn, sometimes showing generations of use.  An attitude completely in touch with our way of thinking.  A reason we strive to make heirloom quality pieces that are able to stand the test of time.





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