Obsession #5: The Spy Paintings by James Hart Dyke

When British artist james Hart Dyke was offered the chance to spend a year as artist in residence with the famed MI6 we wonder if he had any notion of the feelings his art would evoke when seen in a collective manner. Often washed out, with an ethereal muted quality Hart Dyke captures the malaise that must set in after days spent waiting in hotel rooms, peeking behind curtains, and anticipating a phone call. As Hart Dyke says “There’s a lot of hanging around. You’re in a completely ordinary place, waiting for something quite extraordinary to happen… and often waiting for a long time.” For all the goods have a look at jameshartdyke.com whilst wearing our Philby shirt. No safe house required…..


Waiting in the Hotel Room (2010)



Agent Giving Information to SIS Officer (2010)                                           Espionage (2010)



Liason Meeting (2010)                                                                               Working in Africa (2010)



Early Moring View Over Kabul (2010)                                                         The Quiet Place, Baghdad, Iraq (2010)


Helicopter, Iraq (2010)




Not a Red Herring (2010)                                                                           Meeting an Agent (2010)


All Images courtesy of James Hart Dyke



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