On Early Retirement


“Why do we not offer enough of a good thing?” would be a sound summation of the majority of correspondence we get in at Imperial Black HQ.  Just when one has found the shirt of their dreams, said dreams are dashed upon the realization that we are out of that size. You know that we don’t make many shirts, maybe a hundred or so of each pattern. Is it really a surprise when you play the waiting game only to find that your new favorite wasn’t meant to be?


Is it a strange business stance not to make what people clamor for? We suppose it is bit but I don’t think that we would have it any other way. As you are probably aware by now, everything that we do is done in the smallest of batches. We are in a fortunate position as we are able to make a single shirt or a couple of hundred depending on our mood. We want to take full advantage of this and offer something new and exciting on a continual basis.  For this reason our shirt runs are always retired and never to return. Do you really want to have the same shirt as a thousand other people?  We think not.

Of course our way of thinking is certainly against the grain when it comes to the world of clothing. It’s always interesting to attend shows or events such as Pitti Uomo to see what other people are offering a year from now. Our worst nightmare would be to have to come up with goods to offer at a date so far off that they would seem positively futuristic to us. Our background is in the bespoke and the handmade. Not a small mindset to shake and something that we bring to every one of our small runs. Our clothing is made very much in the moment and is directly based on where we are traveling, what we are reading, and who we are listening to during that time period.  We can’t think of any other way to do it as there must always be that immediate passion that flows from our thoughts, to the Italian workshop, and then to you.



Don’t be left wanting.  Sign up for The Black List and receive preferential treatment (including first dibs) on all the latest offerings.  You can thank us later.



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