Project Soar

In addition to the countless, treasured experiences that we have shared over the years, the founding members of Imperial Black have many things in common, especially girls. No. No. Elevate your mind! We are talking about our daughters. All nine of them collectively to be exact.


 When we decided to collaborate with Maryam Montague, of Peacock Pavilions, she suggested that we consider looking at an initiative that she had in the works. As we have spoken before, Maryam is an incredibly impressive person by all measures. This is particularly evident with her work on the humanitarian front. When Maryam introduced us to Project Soar, its emphasis on benefitting young girls between the ages of six and thirteen really caught our attention. When we further learned that two of Project Soar’s main principles were creativity and athletic pursuits, we were completely sold.  The constraints placed on girls by a culture can sometimes be limiting and it is our hope that we can empower these girls to be strong, educated, creative, and independent. The same set of tools we want for our nine young ladies.




Our new Montague Shirt and Peacock Pavilions Pocket Square are the first of many Imperial Black offerings that will benefit Project Soar. A portion of the proceeds of all items marked Project Soar will benefit the girls of Douar Ladaam and to help them grow in a wonderful environment.

                                           The Montague Shirt



                                        The Peacock Pavilions Square

We are big believers in our ethos of “beautiful people creating beautiful things in beautiful places” and it is our privilege to be a part of Project Soar and to help enrich the lives of such beautiful children as they strive to be all that they are capable of being…..

Want to help?  You can!

Project SOAR MARRAKESH march 16 2014 from chris redecke on Vimeo.


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