Meridian- Neither Here Nor There

Its the Meridian, that imaginary half of a great circle, curving from pole to pole that has us thinking about our journeys as of late. Where are we on that great arc and does our location even matter?  We believe that motion is what it’s all about and end points are of little importance. The key is in the getting there.


  Dava Sobel’s Longitude

The long layover, the Trans-Pacific flight, the sun-beaten stretch of Baja, all become blisfull places of escape in our distracted and overly accessible world.  The word incommunicado is not anathema to us at Imperial Black. It’s a luxury, a chance to get lost in a good piece of writing, an opportunity for a re-invention of the self; the planning of a revolution.



  0 degree latitude, 0 degree longitude in the Gulf of Guinea





So next time flights are canceled and your plans have gone to hell, don’t throw your luggage down or frantically search the smartphone for another connection. Instead, embrace the change, roll with it, welcome the diversion and see where it leads.


 Nicobar night market during an unscheduled stop





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