The Art of Packing

As you know we can be a bit obsessive about things.  The art of packing for travel is no exception. Years of crisscrossing the globe have taught us a thing or two and we are glad to share our methods with you here.  For the sake of argument let’s assume a 5-day trip. Business or pleasure is of no importance save for slight variations…

Imperial Black and the Art of Packing from imperial black on Vimeo.

1.  Lay everything out on the bed 

Now get rid of a third of it…Do you really want to be lugging everything in front of you?  Do you honestly need three outfit changes a day?  Here is what to stick with…

  The List

1. One sport coat or suit jacket- Wear in transit

2. One pair dress pants (or bottom of suit)- Wear in transit

3. One pair dress shoes- Wear in transit

4. One pair casual shoes

5. One pair denim

6. Six shirts (in the event of emergency). Folded just so.

7. Six pairs underwear (in the event of emergency)

8. Two undershirts (optional but nice)

9. Six pairs socks. No one wants to wear socks more than once.

10. Swimsuit. Always take a swimsuit as you don’t want to be seen in a paper disposable one from

the hotel gift shop (Intercontinental Kuala Lampur).

11. Three ties as matched with shirts

12. One belt- Wear in transit

13. Small assortment of pocket squares to change look of coat

14. Pajamas- If staying at a private residence. Don’t be the guy wandering the halls

in boxers and t-shirt

2.  Roll socks and stuff shoes tightly. Fold denim to create first “protective layer”.

     Use shoe bag if feeling fancy.

 3.  Roll underwear, undershirts, and swim trunks. Fil all nooks creating a solid layer. Space creates creases. pack it tightly.

 4.  Begin first layer of folded shirts. Be sure to “shingle stack” consecutive layers.

 5.  Fill in top with small items (ties, pocket squares) or folded jacket if desired.

  Call the car service and have a drink……..



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