An elegant start to the day with Marvis & Imperial Black

boxlinen  If you have ever been on the receiving end of one of our beautiful black boxes you should have no doubt that we take our packaging ever so seriously.   We say it perhaps too much but our shirts start off in a beautiful place and are made by people dedicated to the craft.  It is important that every aspect of our goods pays homage to this and we strive to impart such a feeling with everything we touch.

We mostly play things off the cuff (pun absolutely intended) but we are human and do love our rituals.  We strive to fill our days with experiences and objects that enhance the hours that make up a life.  From Portuguese soap used in the bath to that perfect fabric that fits just so, or an exquisite button that thrusts perfectly through a button hole… All setting the tone for what lies ahead. Be it a day in a foreign capital, a grind at the office, or a succulent evening at a Michelin starred food temple.


As arbiters of all that is grand we like to join forces with those that we feel add merit to the day, that enhance a lifestyle, and ultimately that we use ourselves….

Our partnership with Marvis is this and so much more.  Yes the packaging is beautiful, yes it’s Italian, but there is something else that’s just so damn difficult to verbalize. …Just ask yourself… Have you ever been excited about toothpaste before?


An Italian Earl started Marvis years a go in Firenze although like many an interesting story things didn’t get exciting until quite recently.  The packaging is of the iconic apothecary shop variety.  Inside the tube are tastes that exist outside the norm and play to a very adult pallet.  The paste is thicker than the run of the mill and hosts a flavor profile just the right side of complex.  Lots of big opening flavors and lighter ones that linger on the taste buds (although the classic mint does tend to have an Altoid like kick).  Much less sweet than what you are used to and for some odd reason makes you want to brush your teeth more and more…


Marvis is about the pleasures that unique flavors bring, about the tactile experience of the beautiful and colourful tubes, of turning a daily chore into a pleasurable experience.  A scent for the mouth and a stylish icon for the eyes…

We are devotees and our morning routine (and dressing area) is all the more elegant for it.

toothbrush  ks  ff



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